Options are generally factory installed and often reflect a configuration choice made at the moment of purchase whereas accessories are typically items that even though they may be purchased with the item could be sold separately.

We present a summary of options and accessories that will allow you to customize your bath.


  • M-A - Main Product Image

    Apurity Air System

    • This system remains the most popular, adapts to all tubs and meets all expectations. The jets are installed in the bottom of the tub and air is directly propelled on the body. This configuration allows a great variety of massages.


    • 14 bottom injector air jets, each equipped with a magnetic check valve
    • 1.5 H.p. Variable speed blower w/built-in heater - 120V 9.5 A
    • Electronic touch pad w/20 minute built-in timer & automatic drying cycle

  • M-P - Main Product Image

    Breeze System

    • The sanitary conditions of these jets are ensured by gravitational drainage and the programmed drying cycle adds to the complete hygienic properties. Each jet is designed with a center opening which releases variable air pressure offering a complete massage to every part of the body.


    • Between: 28-60 perimeter micro air jets according to model.
    • 1.5 H.p. Variable speed blower w/built-in heater - 120V 9 .5 A
    • Electronic touch pad w/20 minutes built-in timer and automatic drying cycle

  • RC - Main Product Image

    • Only available on Apurity air or Breeze systems
    • Replaces the electronic touch pad and acts as one
    • Light weight, ergonomic shape and size for easy handling.
    • Large user friendly domed buttons.
    • Floats, perfectly sealed and watertight.
    • Radio frequency signal between remote control and receptor that works on an exclusive identification.
    • Responds within a 15 ft. radius.
    • Extra long life battery.
    • Functions independently, combined with a regular keypad or with a display.
    • Sticks to the side of the bathtub by strategically located magnets.

  • CTL - Main Product Image


    • The necessity to offer an inviting and relaxing environment within the bathroom to eliminate everyday stress opened up the possibility to offer a whole new universe where chromatherapy holds a privileged space.
    • The chromatherapy keypad allows you to go from one color to another It also offers a cycle of colors that has been pre-programmed to function at a relaxing speed. CAML-TOMLIN offers you the same multitude of color choices within a specially designed optical lens that was created for maximum wide range diffusion of all your color choices.
    • The PCB (printed circuit board) controlling the colors is directly within the main control box. Therefore, when connected in series, the lights are always synchronized.


    • 2 chromotherapy LED lights, each light has 9 surface mounted LED's.
    • Front load for easy maintenance.
    • Light diameter: 1 7/8".
    • Clear plastic lens with a frame available in all standard ABS colours and chrome and brushed nickel finishes
    • Round flange to blend in with each design
    • Square flange comes standard on Zendo series
    • The combination of colors offers you 7 basic colors and a choice of 21 blended colors to choose from and to enjoy through our rainbow and pause cycles.

  • A-S - Main Product Image

    • Squeegee.
    • Chrome

  • A-P - Main Product Image

    • Pillow
    • Fits tub with raised headrest.
    • Grey only.

  • A-ZMP - Main Product Image

    • Zen Magnetic Pillow
    • Fits the 60Z32, 66Z34, 72Z36, 72FS32, 63DI63 Models.
    • Most be ordered with bathtub (factory installed).